Maximising partnership potential

As well as undertaking its own projects, Mevanna Prestige is also involved in a number of redevelopment and new build projects with joint venture investors.

If you have a property or piece of land that you believe would be perfect for development but do not have the resources or expertise, then give us a call and let’s discuss the possibilities of a joint venture.

Partnering with a select group of experienced and trusted consultants and contractors, we have combined our joint knowledge and expertise to deliver a track record of success.

The company also holds a substantial portfolio of property.

Our joint venture services include:
• Prime site searching and acquisition
• Architectural and structural design
• Local planning consent
• Construction and project management
• Interior design
• Development finance
• Marketing and sales

Mevanna Prestige is always looking to purchase land for new developments, or properties that require renovation. We’re interested in anything from a small block of flats, to large portfolios of properties. We offer several different options to vendors, for details please get in touch.